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Bring your own device (BYOD) gives employees the opportunity to use the device that best suits their needs. 101 Data Solutions offers a simple and easy to use service that gives full protection. A It is important to build an effective BYOD solution and our services at 101 Data Solutions provides a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage and control the access of a BYOD network. Our BYOD solutions helps accelerate troubleshooting and lower operating costs so that your IT organization can focus on innovation.


Increases productivity and innovation:

Employees are more comfortable with a personal device which will encourage them to be more productive. Also being it the employees own products they are more likely to upgrade to the latest hardware more frequently.

Employee Satisfaction:

Your employees use the device they have chosen and invested in rather than what was selected for them. This means they are already comfortable with the device and know how it works.

Lowers Costs:

This is the most beneficial to a business because it means you don’t have to purchase a significant amount of costly devices upfront. Also breakages and wastage is likely to reduce due to the fact that people are likely to take better care of their own belongings so there will be no repair costs to the business.

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