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Infrastructure Relocation

101 Data Solutions offers infrastructure relocation services that include planning, design and installation of data and voice network infrastructure at new office premises. We have the skill set, expertise and most importantly experience to support and assist you with businesses office relocation. We will develop a plan for the relocation of your computers, servers, network, data/voice wiring and other infrastructure equipment. We will help you with provisioning of infrastructure and onsite implementation management – aspects that are vital to a successful relocation plan to a new office space. We can offer comprehensive insurance so you can rest assured the relocation is in the safest of hands.

Managing a successful transition requires detailed planning well in advance of the office move and a considerable amount of attention to detail. Our experience and expertise in all aspects of office infrastructure relocation, from planning, to project management, to IT equipment relocation gives our clients assurance that everything will be taken care of, with minimal downtime and business disruption.

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