Dell announces Fluid Data across storage platforms

Dell has announced its Fluid Data architecture to span across its storage portfolio. With Fluid Data storage is managed at the most granular level with built-in system intelligence to enable the dynamic flow of enterprise data. Data center resources are utilized to their full potential. Built-in intelligence and automation ensure data is available when and where it’s needed.

The underlying problem with most storage systems is that they manage data in complete volumes, restricting system flexibility and performance from the outset. To realize storage efficiencies and reduce data center costs, you need to manage data at a more granular level – within the volume itself.

Dell's storage is enabled by a dynamic Fluid Data architecture that actively, intelligently manages data at the block level. Specific information about each block is captured in flight throughout the day to provide real-time intelligence for dynamically storing, migrating and recovering data. These use characteristics are gathered using minimal system overhead but can be extensive. Examples include the type of data stored, disk drive used, RAID level, time written, frequency of access and more.

Empowered by this intelligence, built-in storage automation optimizes the provisioning, placement and protection of data throughout its lifecycle. Business applications are implemented faster, information to make decisions is always available, new technologies are instantly deployed and data is continuously protected.

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