Abbeyfield School select 101 and EMC VNX5300

Based in the heart of Northampton, Abbeyfield is a specialist performing arts secondary school with over 1500 pupils which achieved specialist status in 2005 and was successfully re-designated in 2010. Its 2010 Ofsted report described it as a “happy and improving school”.

Capacity conundrum

The past few years have seen the school struggle with its data storage, as it had no central server in place and numerous disparate and temporary systems were being used to accommodate vital databases and information portals, as well all manner of academic material. Desktop computers were even being used as storage systems and the storage space within the school was rapidly running out.

Ash Mudalair, head of IT at the school explains, “Our disk space was running out, and the performance of the temporary systems we were relying on was poor. There was also the very real threat of system failure and data loss.

“The implementation of a central storage array was essential, as we needed a finite repository for all our digital data. As we had seen our storage requirements expand rapidly over the years, we needed a solution which we could increase in capacity in the future with no disruption to the infrastructure.”

It was a major purchase for Abbeyfield School and therefore vital that the right solution provider was selected.
A number of companies were considered, but it was 101 Data Solutions which really shone.

Top Marks

Mudalair continues, “We spent considerable time looking at both small and large providers, and 101 Data Solutions stood out head and shoulders above the rest. We wanted a supplier which could not only provide us with a cost effective solution, but which could deliver good advice and be responsive and hands on when needed.

“Unlike the other suppliers we spoke to 101 Data Solutions weren't just sales people; they were not only able to meet our requirements but exceeded our expectations in many different areas.”


101 Data Solutions has installed an EMC VNX 5300 SAN central storage array, providing a centralised, easy to use expandable storage solution. It integrates all Abbeyfield School‟s vital data and provides storage and back up for all of the shared areas and vital databases, all central to critical services provided within the school. This provides cohesion to the current data stored and the security of back-up provision with potential for additional capability in the future.

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