Flooding in Thailand causes disk drive shortage

Thailand has recently experienced some significant monsoon level weather conditions that has led to severe flooding across the country and in particular a number of the industrial zones there.

From a personal perspective we should all be aware and give some thought of the impact this has had on the personal circumstances of many individuals there both in relation to loss of lives, livelihoods, standards of living and of course loss of personal possessions.

From a business perspective this situation as many of you may already be aware has and will equally lead to a significant impact on the production of technologies that are produced there including with some impact, the production of Hard Disk Drives with major producers such as Western Digital, Seagate & Toshiba all experiencing unavoidable manufacturing disruption as a result of this sad & unexpected act of nature.
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Pricing stability has absolutely been impacted by these conditions and it is forecasted that such instability will continue as far forward as Q2 2012 so you may wish to take some consideration of this when planning your storage requirements for the months ahead and whilst we cannot control the pricing, 101 Data Solutions will continue to do all we can to maintain availability for all our customers and we will continue to share what we learn as relevant updates are received.

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