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Robust Security Posture

Much has been written about the new GDPR regulations that come into force next May. Organisations that process personal data have a legal requirement to protect an individuals’ privacy and secure their data. Providing adequate safeguards, mitigating against data loss and implementing disaster recovery plans are key components that need to be addressed.

Whilst no-one can guarantee complete information security, organisations need to reduce their risk of a possible data breach and ensure they have adequate plans in place to ensure business continuity. Determining how GDPR compliant or ready an organisation is, requires companies to look at their current processes and procedures, and ensure they have adequate cyber security protection and detection in place.

The six pillar robust security posture detailed below will cover cyber security requirements within networks and prove best of breed technology solutions to mitigate the risk against cyberattacks and threats

———-Image of six pillars————–

101 Data Solutions has an excellent portfolio of security vendors and can provide businesses with solutions that cover six security pillars relevant to GDPR compliancy:

1. Protecting the perimeter with next generation firewalls: Fortinet
2. Securing the end point: Kaspersky
3. Deploying encryption: Kaspersky
4. Ensuring e-mail security: Fortinet and Kaspersky
5. Facilitating secure remote access: One Identity, Fortinet.
6. Providing disaster recovery: Quest

Working together, 101 Data Solutions, its vendor and clients can help prepare for the GDPR.

Perimeter Fortinet Cybercriminals continue to launch automated and sophisticated attacks against organizations, threatening the foundation of cloud and digital transformation critical to efficient business operations. Fortinets, FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) provide high performance, multilayered validated security and granular visibility for end-to-end protection across the entire enterprise network.
End Point Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business protects businesses of all sizes against any kind of cyber threat, across any device and on any platform. Powerful multi-layered security is supported by extensive management features.
Encryption Kaspersky Encryption Features help you to enforce the encryption of files, folders, disks and removable devices. Data Encryption is easy to configure and can be managed from the same management console used to control all other Kaspersky Lab Security technologies running on your network.
Email Security Fortinet Implementing a top-rated secure email gateway that includes integrated data protection features is a critical requirement to securing your organization and its information. The Fortinet Security Fabric relies on FortiMail to keep threats from entering the network via email, one of the top threat vectors.
Secure Remote Access & Secure Access Fortinet Identity Access Management is an underlying component of the Fortinet Security Fabric, establishing identity at its entry point. FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management, together with FortiToken, delivers cost-effective, scalable, and secure access control to your entire network infrastructure.
Secure Remote Access & Secure Access One Identity One Identity solutions eliminate the complexities and time-consuming processes often required to govern identities, manage privileged accounts and control access. Their solutions enhance business agility while addressing your IAM challenges with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments
Disaster Recovery Quest Backup and protect your growing environment automatically and minimise downtime by running critical machines without having to restore them first, as though the outage never happened. Quest VROOM accelerates the performance of your entire virtual infrastructure, transforms the application experience for users whilst maximising application uptime and data availability.
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